2016 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

From the Daymaker™ LED headlamp to the Tour-Pak® luggage carrier. Limiteds are Loaded. Call 931-540-0099

You can finance the bike for up to 84 months and extend the warranty for up to 5 years. Check out all of these pictures and see if you notice any upgrades we didn't mention. Upgraded Exhaust. Chrome inner fairing trim. Upgraded Mirrors. Find the perfect longitude, latitude and attitude.

Here's what you get with The Project RUSHMORE Ultra touring experience: Every idea millions of miles of riding and hundreds of conversations with riders could dream up and build into a horizon hunting machine. Like saddlebags that open with one touch. A fairing that reduces head buffeting. More passing power. Top of the line infotainment and sound. More passenger room. Set the touchscreen GPS to your coordinates and go. Before you're far outside the outskirts of town you be feeling exactly right.